About Us

Small Office Home Office is focused on helping business owners with small offices or entrepreneurs who are setting up a workplace in their home

This business has been set and is run by Steve Prior and James Pitts-Drake, we are both based in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Our vision is to provide a specialised one stop shop that caters for start-up and small businesses;

James and I have a good deal of experience and expertise in setting up and running small businesses so we know what business owners need and want.

Getting ready with the right furniture, storage and desking is only the start because if you are like us you will need other services to support your business.

Web design, marketing, book keeping and accounting are just some of the things we need from time to time. These services and others will be added as we build our offering.

Some of the resources you will find on here are free, that doesn’t mean they are no good, it just means that the cost of ownership has been reduced a little and you won’t need to pay out your hard earned cash. You will still need to spend some time learning things so it still takes a little investment from you.